CDs to MP3s. Fast Ripping, Easy Converting!

fey-extractor-boxshot-200x250FeyExtractor is a audio-assistant software that focuses mainly on tasks such as ripping and converting audio files which means it allows you to convert the huge amount of CDs you have gathered over the years into an MP3 collection always ready to be easily accessible on your computer and transferable to your portable devices anytime you want.

Thanks to integrated support for numerous encoders when it comes to your media the offering of options and features.

FeyExtractor allows efficient ripping at high speeds through the use of jitter correction for quality control. The process normalizes your files to ensure consistent volume levels. Useful info about a particular music file can be accessed by reading from the CD’s .ini file or via the CDDB database online; both will save time and you will not need to enter track related data manually.

The program employs LAME as its default encoder but it also offers you the possibility to engage in your tasks other different encoding tools for dfferent formats.

FeyExtractor  puts forward a clean, smart interface that eases up your handling of the app whose job is taken care of completely digitally – the files are not converted to analog and then back to digital as other similar applications do.

FeyExtractor takes very little from your system resources and runs easily on any Windows system.


FeyExtractor includes the following features:

  • Easy-to-work-with interface;
  • Creates PLS and M3U playlist files;
  • Normalization of audio files;
  • Built-in Media File Player;
  • Enables transcoding of compressed audio files;
  • Works with numerous file formats/audio encoders such as WAV, MP3, OGG, VQF, APE, etc;
  • Support for ID3 V1 and V2 tags;
  • Support for CDDB;
  • Support for recording via the analog input line;
  • Superior jitter correction;